Thank you!

UAS gratefully acknowledges our supporters for their ongoing commitment to our agency and the Harvesting Hope Program.

Thank you for making the lives of thousands of children in the world a little brighter!

2017  Sponsors:

  • Maurice Mierau;
  • Elizabeth Troutt;
  • Andrew Buck (through United Way);
  • Alysha Buck (through United Way);
  • Brett Taylor (through United Way);
  • Ron C. Loewen (through United Way);
  • Sandra Slogan (through United Way);
  • Canada Helps.org.

2018  Sponsors:

  • Sandra Slogan;
  • Alysha Buck (through United Way);
  • Nick DeStefano;
  • anonymous (through United Way);
  • Quantum Graphics & Consulting Inc.;
  • DeStefano Consulting Services Inc.;
  • Loren Peto.