Harvesting Hope

UAS Eastern European Adoptions Inc. is a not for profit organization licensed by the Province of Manitoba to assist families adopting orphans from Eastern Europe. Through the Harvesting Hope Program we also support the many orphanages caring for the needy children in Ukraine who remain homeless. We collect gently used clothing and toys which after sorting are then shipped overseas year round. We gratefully accept monetary donations that offset the cost of shipping and help us meet the educational needs of the children. View our Ways to Give page to see how you can help make a difference.

Cultivating Stage ($50.00 donation)

Although we ship in a cost effective manner, the freight charges to Eastern Europe are significant. All shipping fees are paid for by private donations. Contributions collected from this stage will be designated to cover shipment expenses.

Planting Stage ($100.00 donation)

In addition to assisting with the cost of shipping, this stage also enables us to raise awareness and to expand the Harvesting Hope Program. As a contributor, you will also be assisting us in our efforts to meet our organization’s Provincial mandate and goals.

Flowering Stage ($500 donation)

This stage is aimed at helping orphans receive a higher education at post-secondary institutions in Eastern Europe. You can sponsor an orphan and assist with the student’s tuition, room and board, books, and clothing.

Harvesting Stage ($1000 or more)

Larger monetary gifts received through bequests and generous donations allow us to provide greater local and international assistance, as well as, achieve the goals of our special projects.