Adopting a Child from Ukraine

Having made the decision to adopt a child from Ukraine… the next step is to fill out an application form.  You will then receive a service contract and a list of documents that comprise your adoption dossier. When your paperwork is ready educational materials/seminar and a home study will be arranged for you.

Once your dossier is completed it must be notarized, legalized and authenticated. It is then sent to the State Department for Adoptions (SDA) in Kyiv for processing and approval.

Once approved, you will receive an invitation to travel to the SDA.  The SDA will give you permission to visit the orphanage and meet with the child/children available for adoption. Once you have found your child/children, depending on the immigration process selected a medical exam may be required and the results are sent to Vienna for approval.  A court hearing is held in Ukraine to legalize the adoption.  A new birth certificate, passport and travel visa will be issued for the child/children in Kyiv. The final step is the completion of the immigration exiting documents for the child/children at the Canadian Embassy in Kyiv and you’re on your way home!

Families currently in the process of adopting from Ukraine: 4